Welcome to the official event schedule and directory for the 10th Annual Salt Lake County Watershed Symposium.  Congratulations to Carl Adams of DWQ. He was nominated by peers, and celebrated with peers, as the 2016 Watershed Steward of the Year!

Powerpoints are available.  Click on a session and scroll down to the attached files. 

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Cynthia Elliott

Weber State University
Undergraduate Student
Fruit Heights, UT
Cynthia Elliott is an undergraduate student, studying Geography at Weber State University. Her love for the earth was brought out as a 4th grader in Southern California, when her class went for a week long science field-trip in the mountains to learn about ecosystems. She loves learning about weather and climates, rocks and minerals, ecosystems, art, music, and statistics. Cynthia plans on applying for graduate school in the near future. When she is not trying to remember how to classify clouds and rocks, she enjoys casual reading, a refreshing jog outside, and Lord of the Rings marathons with her family.