Welcome to the official event schedule and directory for the 10th Annual Salt Lake County Watershed Symposium.  Congratulations to Carl Adams of DWQ. He was nominated by peers, and celebrated with peers, as the 2016 Watershed Steward of the Year!

Powerpoints are available.  Click on a session and scroll down to the attached files. 

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Guidelines for Speakers, Posters, Exhibitors, and Session Moderators


*NOTICE* The venue will be undergoing construction during Watershed Symposium this year. Please be aware that there may be construction noise, but hopefully it will be kept to a minimum.

Speakers (keynotes, breakout sessions, panel, & poster presenters)

  • Use Speaker Tools to update your profile, add your photo, upload your presentation and any other materials you'd like to share with attendees, and connect with your session attendees.
  • Please arrive 10-15 minutes before the session start time to check equipment, make sure your presentation is loaded, meet with the session moderator, and resolve any last-minute issues.
  • Audience size can range from 120-200.
  • Breakout sessions are 25-minutes long (unless otherwise discussed).
  • Allow for at least 5 minutes of Q&A.
  • Come prepared to give a talk that is informational and interactive!
  • Bring copies of any handouts.
  • Encourage the completion of session evaluations.
  • *NEW* Sessions will be filmed this year. 
  • Session videos and presentation files will be posted online.

Presentation Files
(powerpoint, prezi, etc.)

  • Completed presentations are due by November 9.
  • REMINDER: Presentations must reflect what was submitted on the abstract proposal.
  • Send us your presentation in one of three ways:
  1. *PREFERRED* use Speaker Tools to upload your file (50MB max)
  2. email 25 MB or smaller files to lberni@slco.org
  3. send larger files (up to 2GB) via MailBigFile.com (to lberni@slco.org)


  • If you are displaying a poster, please plan to be available during the Poster Session.
  • Posters may be setup starting at 8:00am on November 15.
  • We will provide easels and 30x40” foam core board for mounting, as well as velcro dots and thumbtacks to attach your poster to the board. If you are bringing a hard-back, pre-mounted poster, please make sure it will not be too large for a typical easel.
  • Let us know if you plan to display your poster on something other than an easel.

Exhibitors (info tables)

  • Each year exhibitors play a key role in the Watershed Symposium, as we strive to include information tables that represent a broad diversity of organizations and affiliations.
  • Staffed tables are preferred, especially during morning registration and lunch.
  • Please have tables set up by 8:30am on November 15 and cleared by 5:00pm on November 16.
  • Tables may be left setup overnight.
    • One 6'x30" table and two chairs will be provided.
    • Please advise if more space, access to power, or wall space is preferred.
  • Reserve an info table!

Session Moderators

  • Arrive 10-15 minutes before the session start time to check equipment, make sure each presentation is on the laptop, meet the speakers, and resolve any last-minute issues.
  • Brief each speaker on how the session will be conducted, including when and how time reminders will be communicated:
    • Determine how they want to handle Q&A: throughout the session, or at the end.
    • You will give time reminders via placard at  “2-minutes left” and  “1-minute left”
    • You will announce the session end when time is up
  • Start on time. This is extremely important to ensure each speaker has her/his allotted time as well as having time for questions and answers.
  • At the start of each session request that cell phones be silenced, and if they need to take a call to please leave the room before answering.
  • Sessions will be filmed this year, so please let the audience know that a microphone will be provided for all questions (we want to be sure they can be heard on the recording)
  • Introduce the speaker(s). Be sure to mention each speaker’s name, affiliation, and presentation title.
    • An introduction “script” will be provided, which you are welcome, but not required, to use. 
  • Keep speakers on time with time reminder cards. If a speaker is taking too much time, you may need to interrupt and encourage them to finish in the next minute or two.
  • If there are questions, make sure the questions do not go over the end of session time.
    • Don’t let one person monopolize the Q&A.
  • End the session on time. Thank the speakers and encourage the audience to complete a session evaluation and the Symposium online survey.
  • Volunteer to moderate a session!