Welcome to the official event schedule and directory for the 10th Annual Salt Lake County Watershed Symposium.  Congratulations to Carl Adams of DWQ. He was nominated by peers, and celebrated with peers, as the 2016 Watershed Steward of the Year!

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Martin Buchert

University of Utah
Senior Research Analyst
Salt Lake City, UT
Martin Buchert has a Master’s degree in Geography from the University of Hawaiʻi at Manōa and subsequently studied ecology and remote sensing at Utah State University (no degree). Following school, Martin spent four years in the private sector as a NEPA Planner with H.W. Lochner, during which time he joined the University of Utah’s City and Metropolitan Planning Department as Assistant Adjunct Professor, where he continues to teach GIS courses in Urban Planning and Urban Ecology. He is currently a Senior Research Analyst with the University of Utah’s Global Change and Sustainability Center. His research background is in landscape ecology, particularly remote sensing and modeling of land use/land cover change. His recent work has focused on modeling and analysis of ecosystem services in urban landscapes including urban agricultural potential, habitat connectivity, open space inventories and conservation planning, accessibility analysis for urban parks, and ongoing studies of parcel-scale urban carbon emissions and urban water usage.