Welcome to the official event schedule and directory for the 10th Annual Salt Lake County Watershed Symposium.  Congratulations to Carl Adams of DWQ. He was nominated by peers, and celebrated with peers, as the 2016 Watershed Steward of the Year!

Powerpoints are available.  Click on a session and scroll down to the attached files. 

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Gabriel Lozada

Economics Dept., Univ. of Utah
Professor of Economics
Salt Lake City, UT
Dr. Gabriel Lozada is a professor at the University of Utah Department of Economics. Dr. Lozada is a microeconomist who specializes in dynamic economic theory, particularly concerning natural resources such as minerals and fisheries, as well as questions of long-term economic sustainability of the planet. Dr. Lozada graduated from LSU with a B.A. in economics and a B.S. in physics, earned a master’s degree in economics and another master’s degree in Engineering-Economic Systems and received his Ph.D. from Stanford in economics. His Ph.D. fields were Mathematical Economics and Development Economics.