Welcome to the official event schedule and directory for the 10th Annual Salt Lake County Watershed Symposium.  Congratulations to Carl Adams of DWQ. He was nominated by peers, and celebrated with peers, as the 2016 Watershed Steward of the Year!

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Scott Daly

Utah Division of Water Quality
Environmental Scientist
Salt Lake City, UT
Scott Daly is the Utah Lake Watershed Coordinator for the Utah Division of Water Quality’s Watershed Protection Section. In this role he is involved in a diverse range of activities related to Utah Lake including scientific water quality studies, watershed planning, nonpoint source water quality improvement project implementation, water quality monitoring, and coordination with stakeholders representing many state, local, and private interests. Prior to his role in Utah Lake, Scott coordinated watershed planning and implementation programs in the Sevier River, Beaver River, and Cedar watershed areas. Scott has also worked in the consulting field developing Total Maximum Daily Loads and Watershed Management Plans to address a broad range of water quality impairments in
more than a half dozen states

My Speakers Sessions

Wednesday, November 16

11:30am MST